By the grace of God, Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School got its first international achievement just one day before the 70th anniversary of PPPK Petra. Christian Emanuelle, Daniel Richardo and Alberto Sudarmadi, 7th-grade students, guided by Mr. Sebastianus Hardi S., S.Pd. has created an innovation called the smokeless stove. They created a simple stove from waste cans for the families in rural areas who still use traditional firewood stove.

This stove is healthier compared to the traditional firewood stove because it has chimney that is connected to the water tank. So the smoke, which consist of carbon dioxide, can be neutralized. Thus, people who cook do nit inhale toxic carbon dioxide that can harm their lung. It also can heat the food effectively as the heat is maximized by the designed tube. It is proven by the vortex fire which is created.

In the preliminary round, they presented their invention through video and the committee published their video on social media as one of the semifinalists. Later in the final round, they presented it live through Zoom in front of some international judges. Finally, this innovation granted the Most Feasible Innovation Award in the International Kryative Innovation Awards 2021.

The smokeless stove got the Most Feasible Innovation Award because it can be easily implemented. Through this invention, Christian, Daniel and Alberto hope that they can inspire other students to use their creativity to be a blessing for people in need.

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