December is the month of joy and happiness because Petra Acitya celebrated the Feast to the Nativity which was held from December 4 until 16, 2020. It was a series of fun learning activities where students could experience the holistic education of P E T R A as the event consisted of fun activities from Physical growth to Academic Excellence. 

Petra Acitya pays attention to students’ physical growth. Adjeng Niken D. P. M., S.Sos., from NEEMA Foundation, shared about puberty, reproduction, and gender identity. After that, the student council of Petra Acitya held an online fun exercise and a quiz to recognize the nutritional content on their friends’ breakfast.

Emotional and social intelligence is also one of holistic education that Petra Acitya concerns which can be reflected through Self-Love projects during the Feast of Nativity. The students shared some positive activities which they loved on their social media to promote the importance of maintaining emotional health. 

Through Acitya’s Got Talent, students could show their talents to glorify the Lord. The students showed their talents in cooking, playing musical instruments, singing and many more. They also showed their creativity by upcycling plastic waste and creating Christmas greetings. 

Respectively, not only doing the Christmas fellowship, as R in P E T R A refers to Relationship in God, which can also be reflected on the Secret Santa project on the mentoring group. They shared their acts of empathy for others in that session. Some of the students do charity to the person in need. While some others helped their family as the acts of their love for God and others.

Although the Feast of the Nativity is a series of fun learning activities, Petra Acitya’s students were encouraged to enrich their knowledge. An interactive podcast with Mr Tom Sapta Atmaja (writer & journalist) was conducted to celebrate Human Rights day. Petra Acitya had another podcast about literacy with Ms Arlinah I. R., SIP, MLIS., the former head of Petra Christian University Library. The fun learning weeks were closed with a virtual tour to Indonesian National Library.

In the end, online learning in Petra Acitya is not only striving for the quantity of the material but also the quality of fun learning experiences. We believe that students can learn well while enjoying the learning process. Through the Feast to the Nativity, students experienced the real fun learning.

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