Student organization is a great place to learn soft skills, teamwork, leadership and build network. Therefore, since the first year of their study in Petra Acitya, students are encouraged to join Student Council or Student Ministry Team. From 97 students in Petra Acitya, 36 of them enrolled in the selection process. 25 students could complete the document selection and joined the interview selection. Then, these students joined the Student Leadership Online Training by PPPK Petra Directorate of Education together with the other Petra Junior High Schools’ students. From the selection process, 15 students were chosen for the Student Council and 7 others for the Student Ministry.

After the recruitment process was over, 3 students were equipped to create a vision-mission statement as the candidates of Student Council chairman. Charlene Elisabeth, Jason Aldrich and Michelle Thian, as the candidates of Student Council chairman, presented their vision and mission in front of all Petra Acitya students through zoom class. They also socialized their vision and mission on the school’s Instagram. From the online election, Charlene Elisabeth were chosen as the first Petra Acitya Student Council chairman.

Then, on October 28th, Petra Acitya celebrated Youth Pledge Day by inaugurating the first batch of Student Council and Student Ministry. Charlene Elisabeth, the elected student council chairman, and Clara Maylivia, the leader of Student Ministry, attended the inauguration in Petra Acitya. The principal of Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School, Dra. Herwati M.Psi., led the inauguration ceremony. Charlene and Clara were officially assigned by signing the pledge with Ursulani B Nainggolan, S.Pd. (the advisor of Petra Acity Student Council) and Caren V. Y. Gultom, S.Si.Teol, M.M. (the advisor of Petra Acitya Student Ministry). Through the process, we hope that all the members of Petra Acitya Student Council and Student Ministry will learn to do their future responsibility faithfully and wholeheartedly.

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