Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School has gladly welcomed 97 students in the 2020/2021 academic year. Monday, July 13th was a great day for all Petra Acitya’s family members. All new students of Petra Acitya started the day with the words of God, which was taken from Mark 4: 8. Hopefully, the students of Petra Acitya are able to become like seeds planted in good soil, that grow and yield thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold.

To build a good relationship between the students and the teachers, Ms. Herwati, the principal of Petra Acitya, introduced Petra Acitya teachers and staffs to the students. In Petra Acitya, every teacher is the mentor of seven to eight students during their 3 years of studying. The students are expected to build good relationships with their teachers and friends through mentoring time that is held every morning before the class starts and afternoon after they have done their classes. To begin their journey in Acitya, the students had to post their photos with the special twibbon on Petra Acitya’s Instagram so they know all of the friends at school.

Students were introduced not only the school culture but also the brand-new Learning Management System (LMS) and the flipped classroom method for their individual learning process during the orientation day. The purpose of using LMS and flipped classroom method is to make the students to be able to manage their own student account and study independently. After the orientation days, students could try using the flipped classroom method by watching the given materials such as The Concept of Time and Inspirational Figures individually, then discussed those materials in the Zoom Classes with their mentors on July 16th and 17th. Thus, they were expected to be ready to start the online learning in the following week.

Finishing the first week of learning, students and parents had to fill in an online form regarding the problem they had while accessing the online learning program. In the form, we found that 80% of the parents stated that their children did not have any serious difficulties in joining the first week of the online learning, as they had learned the online learning style during the student orientation. Hopefully, with this fresh great start, students who are learning at Petra Acitya can take root, grow up, be fruitful and become a blessing.

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