Petra Acitya Christian Junior High School celebrated Indonesian Independence Day with Virtual Competitions on August 5-12. Students could participate in. Poster Competition, National Song Singing Competition, Patriotic Poem or Dance Tik-Tok Challenge. All the competitions were done from home and students could show their performance on Instagram. From these competitions, Petra Acitya hope that the students can pay their tribute to Indonesian founding fathers by developing their talents and being a blessing to others through their work.

On Friday, August 14, all of the students had a fun learning day, celebrating Indonesian Independence Day. They got some insights about how to implement Pancasila in their daily activities from a fun podcast session by Mr. Dias and Ms. Devina after the morning devotion. Then, students’ general knowledge about Indonesian history was challenged by participating on Kahoot Quiz. Afterward, the winners of the previous competitions were announced and all of the students could enjoy the performances of the winners. The fun learning day was closed by “Waktu Indonesia Merdeka” comedy quiz.

After the competition, Petra Acitya rewarded the winners by sending some gifts and certificates to their home. Through the visits, teachers motivated the students to develop their talents more, even though they were only at home.


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